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What is included in my kit?

All of the kits for our cottages, sheds, gazebos, saunas and other projects come complete with everything you will need to finish your project. This is a list of what most kits come with. Some things are listed and not needed with each kit so call for more details but the following list applies to 95% of the kits.

Floor system

All of our cabin come with a floor system. This is a major cost so when comparing don't be fooled by low prices that don't include all the necessary components.

Wall package

Upon request, we offer a thicker double tongue and groove wall "log".

Window(s) and door package

Double pane thermal windows are included with all of our kits. We do not use cheap single pane systems. All our hardware is of the same top quality you would find in a new home.

Roof systems

Are built to suit even the harshest winters anywhere.

Roof covering ( steel your choice of color )

We can substitute asphalt etc.

Skirting ( 12" max )

Some models do not include this.

Stain ( Sikkens brand - top quality )

Loft floor system - where applicable

Fasteners and misc components

You basically get what you see. No hidden charges of any kind !

Of course delivery and installation is extra but VERY affordable. On average, the basic cabins installation fee is roughly 10% of the cost. This is a good guideline for cabins and sheds in their basic forms. In cases where interior work is needed, the pricing is adjusted accordingly.